Profesh Must-Haves!

Our Must-Haves List for a Professional (and chic!) Wardrobe:

  • Blazers: both in solid colors and in prints. Adding a blazer to any outfit makes you look legitamate and ready to work. Make sure they fit across your bust and shoulders and nip in at your waist for ultimate skinnification! 
  • Pencil Skirts: make sure these skirts are long enough to be considered work appropriate (when you sit down they should not come up more than 2 inches past your knee). Plus the longer the pencil, the more slender you look!
  • Cardigans: in every color and print! Literally you cannot go wrong with cardigans. They are especially great for layering over dresses and tanks that are not appropriate for work on their own.
  • T-Shirts: Think up-scale... Not the free ones you got in college. Plain, soft cotton t-shirts in every color are super comfy! Layered with a cardigan or blazer, paired with a colorful scarf or statement necklace, or tucked into a sleek pencil skirt, they look fashionable! Plus they never go out of style! 
  • Slacks: Get some that fit properly in a cut that suits your shape. Nothing too low cut, or too tight (but they should definitely make your booty pop!) Michal has problems finding them short enough, Stephanie has problems finding them long enough, and neither of us are afraid of getting something tailored! If you find ones you love, buy them in every color you can! Seriously. Great fitting slacks are a rare and fantastic find. 
  • Camisoles: That's right, cotton tank tops. They go under sheer things, low cut things, and can make almost anything questionable into something work appropriate. Directly under a blazer or cardigan they look great too. Black, white and nude are must haves, other colors are up to you!
  • Accessories: Everything listed above is pretty basic... make your style your own with accessories you love! Sparkly necklaces, colorful scarves, headbands, belts, watches... etc! These small things put the finishing touch on your outfit and are your chance to take risks while still being work appropriate. Just don't over-do it! Over-accessorizing can take your outfit from chic to tacky in a heartbeat. 

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