Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"These are a few of my favorite things!"

I'm going to post some of my FAVORITE pieces that I wear to work. These pieces are especially great for my job because though I do run around all day with 5-12 year olds, I still want to look and feel professional. Because I AM a professional!

  • Wedge shoes: Wearing heels as a teacher is not for the weak, but I find that wedges are a good compromise. Plus, they are always in style and help me look taller, like Talls :)

  • Medium-long stretchy pencil skirt: I love skirts like this because it is a safe length (when sitting in from of kinders who are on the floor) and because its not constricting. If I have student who is injured, I dont' have to waddle my booty to the nurse...I can speed walk at a comfortable pace :)

  • Dark solid or printed dresses: Easy to get dressed in the morning AND to look put together at work. Dark colors just in case of a spill or a sweaty day!

  • Flowy tops and tanks: When working with young kiddos, you need breathing room for your body. Lots of stretching, reaching, yanking, waving etc. Leave room for your body to move.
Shoes from Payless, DSW and Loft.
Skirt from Loft
Dress from Loft
Shirt from Loft
....hmmm you'll never guess my fav teacher clothes store ;)

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