Saturday, March 9, 2013

Smalls Healthy Tips!

If you're like me (Smalls aka short and curvy) it can be difficult to stay "high school" skinny! Here are some of my tips for keeping yourself on top of your weight, but stay healthy AND happy :)

  • Don't diet! I got this concept from Bethenney Frankel's book "Naturally Skinny." Viewing food as something that you should be restricted from is just unhealthy and sad :(
  • When you go out to eat and a restaurant gives you a cup that you can refill before you leave: DONT!! Unless it's water, you don't need anymore so throw your cup away
  • Cut out snacking 2 hours before your bedtime
  • Speaking of bedtime: get good, healthy, sleep. If you want your face to look clear and beautiful you have to get your rest
  • Try to drink water everywhere you go. Restaurants, gas station stops, at home, anywhere! Water is the obvious choice for health, but the sooner you put it in your regimen the better you will feel (I personally don't drink any soda at all. It's not about the caffeine for me, its about the awful just makes me bloated and my face breaks out so I don't drink it at all).
  • Eat when your hungry, stop when you're full

I have lots of little secrets that I use that help me stay on track wherever I go and these are a few. I just really HATE dieting and forcing myself to kill at the gym, so I try to live a healthy lifestyle. It's similar to my mentality about cleaning: if you keep it clean, then you don't have to clean it :)

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